ANNEAUX DE SATURNE PROJECT | ETUDE 9 | PART 3 (Tunnel) & PART 4 (Passerelle)
byKarim Rafi 06/26/2018


  • Karim Rafi

ここで紹介するのは、アーティストのカリム・ラフィによる“Anneaux de Saturne projects”と名付けられたサウンド作品より、さまざまな都市に足を運んだ経験から出来上がったエチュード 9/パート3 & 4 の一部分です。


The sound piece is part of the “Anneaux de Saturne project”, untitled étude 9 part 3 & part 4 and is the result of experiences led through several cities.
By his interventions with sound creations, deambulation,
modification of urban objects into artistic objects,
transformation of transitional places into art places : Karim Rafi
creates spaces for the emergence of aesthetical, political and poetical experiences in order to transform these virtual relations with the world and time, into places of circulation of ideas.

Part 3 – (Tunnel)
The sound recorded when moving from a specific place to another place by creating an interdimensional glasshole effect : sound recording on the outskirts (periphery) of Casablanca in Morocco broadcast in a pedestrian tunnel in Bourges (France).
Part 4 – (Passerelle)
Détournement (situationist) of a spotlight on a footbridge into a sound diffusion system to turn transitory places into places of the emergence of poetical and political experiences.