Jong Pairez

持続可能でオールタナティブな生活のリサーチやデザイン、または人災と天災の共有体験を通じて生き残る方法を探り、文明と繋がるための、戦略的なスペースCivilization Laboratory (CV:LAB) の創立者。移住、変位、ジオグラフィー、異文化との境界線に関 心を持ち、デジタルとアナログのテクノロジーによって空間の論理と不合理に取り組む。ビデオ・ドキュメンタリーや8mmフィルム の作品制作を通じて、押し付けられた地理を再創造するため に重要な音とイメージのある環境をつくろうと試みている。来日してから自分自身が失われた世代の「移民労働者」であることを主張してきた。

Jong Pairez is a media artist based between Manila and Tokyo. He is the founder of Civilisation Laboratory (CIV:LAB), a tactical space dedicated to research and design of sustainable and alternative living, a site to engage civilisation and find ways to survive through shared experiences of man-made and eco-disasters. He is interested in understanding topics on Migration, Displacement, Geography and Cross-cultural boundaries. His works use digital and analog technologies that deal with logic and irrationality of space. Pairez is currently working on a durational collaborative research project with foreign migrants and Japanese precariats using radio space as a platform. Since coming to Tokyo he also now categorically considers himself as a foreign migrant worker in the lost decade generation. Pairez just finished his postgraduate thesis at the Graduate School of Global Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts.

Jong Pairez’s RADIO PROGRAMSジョン・パイレーツのラジオプログラム