Accidents Are The Shape Beyond Systems
byCurtis Tamm 02/20/2018


  • Curtis Tamm


「ここで発表するサウンドライブラリーには、梵鐘(何トンもの重量があり古くから寺にある鐘)や超音波のセミの鳴き声、異世界のようなパチンコ店から流れるメロディー、青森県の奥地のイタコによるシャーマニックな唱え、守谷市から威勢のよい剣道部の声や床を踏みつける音が収められています。」 – カーティス・タム

「Accidents Are The Shape Beyond Systems」(アクシデントはシステムをこえたかたち)と名付けたこの構成は、RABATOKYOのために作られ、まもなく発売する日本でのリサーチと音の収集から発展したフィールド・レコーディングを含んだアルバムの一部にもなっています。


During the Fall of 2017 I was an artist­in­residence with Arcus Project in Moriya, Ibaraki. As a way to speculate upon how a city’s siren infrastructure may be utilized for purposes of healing as well as signal warning, I developed a library of ‘siren candidates’ specific to Japan, andtested them at a local community center. This sound oriented research project seeks to re­vision Japan’s earthquake and tsunami sirens, toward something that is as equally unpredictable as the events which trigger it.

The sound­library includes Bonsho (multi­ton, ancient temple bells), the ultrasonics of cicadas and other­worldly Pachinko melodies, the shamanic chanting of the Itako in rural Aomori, the fierce screaming and stomping of the Kendo club in Moriya, and on and on.

This composition, entitled Accidents Are The Shape Beyond Systems, has been built specially for Arts Initiative Tokyo and is part of a soon­to­be­released album of music and field­recordings which is developing out of my library of siren candidates.

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